WTK Heston 017D

Heston is legendary and without question one of the best breeding bulls we have ever used. He comes from the famous and now dispersed WTK herd in Canada, The WTK herd was for many decades the most influential herd in Canada because of their superior breeding cattle.
Heston is no exception. He does it all: Thickness, growth, milk and easy calving. His offspring are very attractive and with lots of lenght of body just as Heston himself.
But above all Heston’s offspring are exceptional producers. Thats why Heston for several years has been the highest indexing bull in Denmark.
Hestons pedigree is outcross to virtually all herds in Europe and his genetics would be an asset to all herds. Use Heston with confidence.

Birth weight: 45 kg
200 days weight: 357 kg
365 days weight: 665 kg