Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide

Birth weight – 44Kg.
100 day – 225Kg.
400 day of 736Kg.
He has style, breed charcter, length and POWER in abundance. Not only is Nationwide great to look at but his pedigree is brimming with great cattle. His sire Remitall Nationwide 93N comes from a Remitall Keynote 20X mating to Remitall Catalina 24H the 2 most influential cattle in the Hereford breed today. His dam remitall Sally 131K needs no introductions either, being a past Canadian National Champion and a Dam of distinction.
Nationwide is in the top 1% of the breed for 600day weight and terminal index, top 5% for milk and has the top values for both 200Day and 400 day weights.