Sale 2019


At Gouldingpoll Herefords you will find world class genetics from the most famous cow families in Ireland, England, Denmark, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand and more. We run our pedigree herd of polled Herefords alongside our renowned Angus Herd. These two breeds compliment each other with similar type management and similar market opportunities.

Motivated by enjoyment and success, Gouldingpoll Herefords is a family operation where our family derives a living from the land and our cattle. Therefore we must have confidence that our cattle will perform to the highest of genetic capabilities. We feel the genetic gain we are experiencing really keeps us focussed and it inspires us in our endeavours to capture new markets.

Our cattle have been good to us and it gives us great pleasure to see our genetics enhancing and improving other progressive purebred and commercial herds.

It is with great excitement and pride we bring to you the catalogue for the Goulding Opportunity Sale 2019. Every heifer Under 3 years old at our farm is in the sale, along with the top pick of our bulls. We also have 10 lots of embryos from the most successful of our lines with new and old combinations of bulls. Finally we are selling, what we believe are some of the last Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty straws.

We hope you will join us 5th of October at Roscrea Mart, for a chance to get these proven genetics developed at Gouldingpoll Herefords for over 20 years.

Now sit back and enjoy…